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Piyovelt Phelpia Pi Alpine Piyoderika (ピヨベルト・フェルピーア・ピ・アレピーヌ・ピヨデリカ, Piyoberuto Ferupīa Pi Arepīnu Piyoderika), known as Pip (ピーちゃん, Pi-chan) is a chick that will one day become a giant Hræsvelgr Eagle. Hatched from an egg found on a snowfield. He has imprinted on Letty as his papa, loves him, and believes he is a strong and brave dragon.


Pip is a small chick Hræsvelgr Eagle. He has white feathers with green eyes and blue heart shaped feathers on his chest.




While trying out a new igloo out in a remote cold land, and looking for food, Letty finds an egg. Letty still decides he can't eat a fertilized egg, but in that moment, a piece of ice brakes and he ends up drifting in the water with the egg. Dearia later finds him and saves him. Back as his igloo, the egg cracks and Pip comes out and imprints Letty as his father. Dearia explains that once a chick imprints someone, it can't be reversed and that the chick is Hræsvelgr Eagle and until it grows it eats only snow, so it should be easy for Letty to raise it.



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