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Andriana Ellen Croixdea Margarethe Emmalyn Narsham Felna (アンドリアナ・エレン・クロスディア・マルガレーテ・エマリン・ナーシャム・フェルナ, Andoriana Eren Kurosudia Marugarēte Emarin Nāshamu Feruna), known as Nell (ネル, Neru) is a naughty princess from a human kingdom.


Nell is a young woman with long pink hair and usually wears a pink dress. She has a red rose on the chest of her dress.




Running from home, she got caught by bandits. Dearia and Letty end up encountering the bandits and Dearia kills them. Upon checking their goods, they see Nell in one of the chests. They decide to not just return her to a town as people may think they had kidnapped her. Nell then wakes up and sees Pip and then Letty and starts screaming. Dearia explains that Letty didn't kidnap her and that he is a cowardly and weak dragon. Nell decides to believe that as she finds his "dumb" face fits Dearia's description. She refuses to return home as she is running away and wants to hide somewhere for a while. Dearia quickly gets on his "work mode" and asks her what kind of house she want. She gives her instructions and specify it needs to be a big bath, Dearia accepts and they head out to look for a new house for her.



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