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Letty (レティ, Reti) is the main character of Dragon Goes House-Hunting series. He is a weak, cowardly dragon disowned by his family. He is in search of a dream home where even a weakling like him can live in peace and safety.


Letty is a male red dragon with yellow horns. Although he has wings, he can't fly.


Even though he is a dragon, Letty is quite weak and cowardly. When he got kicked out, he decided to find his own home, but is shocked to learn how scary the world out there is.



While guarding the eggs, Letty falls asleep and someone steals the eggs. Angry for his uselessness, his father decides to kick him out of the nest. Wondering what to do, Letty realizes he needs his own "nest", where he can live safely just like in the three weak trolls story and how they build a castle. He goes out and sees some dwarfs, wanting to ask them to build him a house, but they fear he may be after their gold and capture him. While deciding on which body parts they will sell, Letty manages to trick them and escape. Letty then meets some harpies, which are willing to take him, but as their home is on top of a tree, he can't fly up to the house. After trying on few other places, he eventually hears of a good architecture and real estate elven agent in the east.

Eventually he faces some yuusha, who want to kill him, but luckily for him, a strong elf appears and defeats them. After explaining his situation and that he is looking for famous elven architect in these parts, the elf introduces himself as Dearia, the architect he is looking for. Letty asks him to help him find a home and Dearia agrees.



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